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Virgie Vincent

Co-founder of Vergée Design

Virgie Vincent, co-founder of Vergee Interior Design, is the creative force behind some of the most stylish and sophisticated high-end interior design services on the market. Virgie has been recognized for her barrier-breaking business savvy and her shrewd attention to detail. The result? An interior design company like no other, and it shows. A high-profile clientele of celebrities, athletes, and other design lovers throughout the globe rely on Vergee time and time again to bring their dream spaces to life.

Virgie Vincent brings an award-winning combination of industry expertise and individual creativity to each and every one of her projects. Virgie’s specialties encompass the whole spectrum of interior design: retail and online sales, residential and commercial design services, floor plans and space organization, staging, remodeling and reconstruction, and more. She also co-founded The Condo Store by Vergee in 2007.

Virgie’s work has been featured on MTV Cribs, in Platinum Life and Coast magazines, and on movie sets. She was also the lead senior designer for U.S. Senator Harry Reid’s Senior Housing and U.S. Senator Richard Bryan’s Senior Housing developments. Her ability to meet the aesthetic and technical needs of high-end clients across many industries and disciplines makes her an irreplaceable figure in the design industry.

A business aficionado to the core, Virgie Vincent incorporated Vergee into trademarked powerhouse luxury brand The Veblen Group in 2014. She loves to share her insights with others and she regularly mentors young women in finance and design through summer internship programs. Virgie has been selected as a Distinguished Woman for four consecutive years and her brand is a Certified Women’s Minority Business Enterprise. These milestones are not taken lightly by Virgie — she has always been determined to create her own future and set an example that young women can follow.

Other than running her multiple business ventures, Virgie Vincent is a member of the following industry organizations:

As Virgie Vincent continues to grow your network, she continue to grow the Vergee brand as well. An online store will soon be launched for the company, as well as a weekly blog, 52 Shades of Vergee, in which Virgie will share her “color of the week” and her design inspirations at the moment. She is also working on a book, Delivering a Lifestyle by Vergee, which will share all of the insights– from smart money management to a keen eye for design- that have helped Vergee shape their unbeatable design portfolio.