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As warmer weather approaches, the desire for a fresh new look for your home becomes more desirable. Out with heavy and dark spaces and in with bright and airy spaces. Looking to revamp your spaces, but don’t know where to start? Here are eight of the top interior design trends that you can find gracing the homes of the most stylish people.

Textured Embellishments

Textured embellishments such as macrame, fringe, feathers, or tassels are appearing everywhere and on anything. On cushions, rugs, blankets, or wall hangings, you can easily incorporate this trend into your space.

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Gelato Colors

A no-brainer for spring is pastels. This trend takes inspiration from the brightly colored gelato, like peach, orange cream, or even lilac. Gelato colors are great on an accent wall or multiple walls if you really want to commit. If you don’t want to take the time to paint, you can still incorporate this trend with pastel furniture. With this trend, your house can look as delicious as an ice cream cone.

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Feelin’ Green

Houseplants have become a stable in the home. Adding plants to your space figuratively and literally brings life to your home. Utilize your mantlepiece with a cascading Pothos, add a Fiddle Leaf plant in that bare corner, and pop some succulents on your coffee table. Don’t have a green thumb? Buy fake plants, they may cost more initially, but will less maintenance.

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Stunning Succulents

Faux Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant


Everyone wants to come home and feel like they have entered a tropical getaway. By utilizing palm leaf prints, you can instantly feel like you have transported to an oasis. Best of all, this trend can be used both inside and out. Pair your tropical prints with bright contrasting colors like pinks or blues.

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Pops of Colors

One of the biggest trends to hit this season is incorporating pops of bold color. So often interior design focuses on neutrals. While neutrals are an important aspect of decorating your house, they can lack in personality. In this trend especially neutrals play an important role. When using bold colors, you must build a foundation first. Your foundation should comprise of a neutral color and then one main pop of color that you can use as a reference when incorporating multicolored accessories.

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All of these trends can be easily applied to your house. Whether you just add a simple throw pillow, or decide to makeover your entire house, utilizing any of these trends will make a home that is jealous worthy.