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In the new year, our personal livers are not the only thing that needs a bit a refreshing. Our home deserves the same papering. Infusing new trends into your home can be challenging, but this blog will help you do just that. Below you will find the top designs will be gracing homes all over the world.


Neutral colors is one trend that keeps coming back again and again year after year. Critics will argue that neutrals are plain and boring, but they couldn’t be further from the truth. Typically neutral colors whites with either cool or warm undertones. In 2020, we will see a lot of warm neutrals come to the front, while cool neutrals fade into the background. Neutral decor is also a great option for your walls, bedding, and furniture.

Floral Wallpaper

One of the biggest contemporary trends is coming back stronger is floral wallpaper. Now, floral wallpaper has been around for a relatively long time, but there will be a big difference in the floral patterns of 2020 and the floral patterns you may have seen in your grandmother’s home.

The wallpapers of today will have a floral pattern that is of different sizes and colors. The patterns will mostly have contrasting colors which will help make your walls pop.

Non-White Kitchen

A defining design trend of the 2010s was the all-white kitchen. In 2020, we can expect the kitchen to get a few upgrades. There will be more natural elements injected into the space from natural wood cabinets to islands to shell. Homeowners will still be able to keep the airy look of a bright kitchen without having to keep everything stark white.

Olive Trees

In 2019, the house plant of the year was the fiddle leaf fig. This plant was in the corner of practically everyone’s living room. This year however, the fiddle leaf fig is going to be replaced with the much subtler olive tree. Rather than adding a bright burst of green to the room, the olive tree adds a more sophisticated sage.

Navy Blue

The 2020 Pantone Color of the Year is Classic Blue, which is a shade of navy. This year you can expect this color to be everywhere in the house. Navy blue is a great color to incorporate since it can add contrast into the interiors and exteriors of both traditional and modern homes. Best of all this color is versatile and sophisticated, making it easy to transition from season to season.