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When making over a house, the kitchen and bathroom usually take priority due to wear and tear and outdated appliances. However, the living room is usually the first plast that decorators look to when redesigning a space.


The living room is a central feature of any home and is often the first room that your guests will see. Because it is such a well trafficked room, the living should reflect your personal aesthetic and taste. To transform your living room into a more luxurious and timeless space, I have complied five key tips that will help you makeover your space.


  1. Hang Up A Large Scale Art

Hanging an oversized piece of art by itself on the walls of your living room helps to create a focal point. Not only that, a beautiful piece of art can bring a charm and zest to the space. Not only does hanging a large art piece create interest, it can create a high impact with little to no hassle. Find unique art pieces at your local art galleries, flea markets, or create your own.

  1. Keep It Simple

While accessorizing your space with your display items helps to add a personal touch, a cluttered living room, provokes feelings of chaos and mess.  Opt for a more sophisticated look by only showcasing pieces that have a sentimental value. Having a simplified space, will allow those select pieces to stand out and create more of an impact.

  1. Disguise Your TV

The harsh contrast of a tv screen can bring down the feeling of sophistication in your living room. Although there is no magic button to make your television invisible, you can make it more blend more into your space. Creating a gallery wall around your television can help minimize the appearance and blend in with the artwork.

  1. Add A Historical Piece

A historical piece can serve as a way to initiate conversation. While having all new items is nice, an older unique piece helps set your living room apart from everyone else’s. Add a piece that shows its age but is still intact. From an antique mirror or side table, a historical piece can truly add some interest to the space.

  1. Incorporate A Variety of Textures

Texture plays an important part in interior design. Textures help to add visual interest and can instantly elevate the level of sophistication. By layering a mix of materials and textures such as metals, glass, wood, leather, and a variety of textiles help create an inviting living space.