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Consulting an interior designer helps bring comfort, luxury, and sophistication into your home. While we welcome the opinions of experts, we don’t always have the funds to consult an expert. Utilizing a few strategic techniques, you can bring luxury interior design into your home without having to break your budget.

Clear out the Clutter

Depending on a person’s taste, luxury home interior will vary. Although no home will look exactly alike, all luxury design will have one thing in common; no excess clutter. A home that is neat and organized will feel more luxe than a home that is filled with mess and chaos. The best way to keep clutter at bay is to implement a few organization techniques. Before things start to pile up, try out a few of these ideas:

  • When you bring mail, magazines, or any random collection of papers into your home, don’t just throw these items onto the kitchen counter. Create a designated space whether that is file organizer on top of your desk or a mail organizer mounted to your wall.
  • By your front door, create a functional entryway. As you come into your home it can be tempting to drop your personal belongings and decompress from the day. By your front door, place a ceramic “catch-all” dish that can hold your keys and miscellaneous items. Try adding a few hooks to hold your outerwear.
  • If you find yourself with items that you don’t want or question why you have it, consider giving it away or donating it.

Don’t Forget to Style Surfaces

Professionally decorated homes often have a huge emphasis in surface styling. Stying surfaces helps to inject personality into a space and make your home feel more inviting. Some of the most popular surface styling areas include a fireplace mantel, a coffee table, or a night stand. 

Add Accent Pillows

Instead of displaying bland pillows, mix it up with accent pillows of a variety of sizes and colors. Textured, metallic, and patterned pillows add something new and exciting to your space. The great thing about accent pillows is that you don’t have to commitment to the same pillows for years. Every season you can swap out your accent pillows for a new and luxurious look.

Create the Illusion of a Larger Space

Luxury homes are often made up high ceilings and filled with lots of natural light. These two features make spaces feel spacious. To get the same look in your home create an illusion by hanging your curtains higher than the frames of your windows. This will help draw your eyes upward. Incorporating mirrors into the space also helps to bounce the existing light in your home.

Buy Matching Sets

We generally discourage buying matching sets when it comes to furniture, but that doesn’t mean you can do it other essentials around your house. Matching containers on makeup vanity, kitchen counter, or a bathroom counter helps create a neat and chic look.