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Yes, it may be 80 degrees outside, but I can’t get my mind off the next season, fall. As summer winds down, it’s time to put the summer linens and beach decor away in exchange for fuzzy blankets and autumnal decor. To transform your house for the fall weather, there is no need to go overboard with time or money. Adding a few key pieces can create the same cozy atmosphere that fall radiates.

Comfy Throws

To make your couches truly nap-worthy, add a chunky blanket or Afghan. Blankets can make even the most masculine leather couch look inviting. Go with a season-inspired color like mustard, burnt orange, or warm oatmeal. Not only with the blankets keep you warm, but inject some warmth and color into the space.

Exchange Your Throw Pillows

An easy decor transition to fall is switching up your throw pillows. Next to chunky blankets, plush pillows easily create an inviting environment. Don’t be afraid to mix patterns and textures. If you are feeling especially festive, you can find pumpkin-themed pillows in stores like Home Goods or Marshalls. Add throw pillows to your couch or even to a bench in an entryway.

Add Fresh-Cut Fall Flowers

Adding fresh-cut flowers to your kitchen counter or table helps to keep your space festive and fresh. Chrysanthemums and sunflowers are the perfect autumnal blooms to have on display. You can pick up a bouquet from your local farmer’s market or even the grocery store down the street.

Switch Your Summer Quilt For a Duvet

Your summer quilt might not withstand the chillier nights of fall. With the switch to a colder season, pack away your summer quilt away and replace it with a duvet comforter. On top of staying warm and cozy at night, your bed will appear to be more plush and comfortable.

Create a Glowing Ambiance With Candles

To create a warm light at night, try burning a few of your favorite candles. Clustering a few candles together, you can emulate the feeling of a fireside but without the fireplace. If you plan on creating a bundled arrangement, use candles of varying height and breadth to add interest.

If you plan on lighting several candles in one place, make sure that only one is scented. The rest of your candles should remain unscented. I love scented candles as much as the next person, but too many scents burning at once can overwhelm the room and even give you a headache.