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As 2017 comes to a close and we prepare to greet 2018, the new trends in interior design for homes are coming into focus in a major way.

Interior design trends are always fascinating to follow because subtly they reflect back on what’s going on in the culture at large. The past few years have been a somewhat tumultuous time socially, and it’s interesting to take a look at the up-and-coming trends in design and see how they are evolving and changing with the current era.

A recent story in www.businessinsider.com explores the new interior design trends and highlights what kind of exciting new looks are looking popular for the new year. Let’s take a look at some of the major trends we see now in interior design and how we can make these looks work to add extra luster to our homes.

Warmer Kitchen Colors

In the past several years we’ve seen a lot of white on white tiles and walls, combined with “farmhouse” style white sinks. Now though, the trend is going more into deeper and richer colors in the kitchen, to play against the white on the walls and cupboards. The colors give a feeling of groundedness to the kitchen area, while also making stains less evident.

Deeper Colors

Overall, many homes are using deeper, richer colors in furniture and decorative pieces, which makes them stand out more as objects of interest.

Rough-Hewn Metal Sinks

Following up on the deep color trend in the kitchen, we’re seeing more kitchens moving towards rough-hewn sinks in copper, stone or concrete. Again, this trend feels very “grounding,” which can be a comforting feeling after a chaotic time socially.

Concrete Comeback

Heavy, solid, stable concrete is also used as a decorative element on top of storage pieces in bathrooms and living rooms. Concrete is very solid, but more “earthy” than marble, and sends a very different type of message.

Peaceful and Minimal Modernism

A major bedroom trend goes back to modernism, with clean lines and soothing colors, like seafoam green.

Overall, the trends we’re seeing tend to be subtle, minimal, yet also calming and stable. It sounds like the perfect decorative solution for the current times!