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Luxury is my middle name. When it comes to decorating a home, the easiest way to upgrade it from lovely to luxurious is to add metallic details. Regardless of how much experience you have with interior decorating, these ideas will give you the guidance you need to slowly, but surely, turn your home into a metallic, futuristic palace worthy for a celebrity to live in.

Get Crafty

Are you hands-on type with your interior decorating projects? Something as simple as gold, silver or copper spray paint can go a long way. You can paint nearly anything — a table, vase, picture frame, chair, etc. It’s an easy and fast way to upgrade an old or damaged piece into something new that you’ll love again.

There are also more complex projects to upgrade your home. As I was scrolling through the internet a few weeks ago, I came across an article about a woman who decorated her bedroom floor by covering it in pennies. It looks stunning! In addition, this penny vase can also add a classy touch to your breakfast nook table.

Incorporate Small Pieces First

Although metallics can easily transform a home into something magnificent, it can be daunting to decorate with it if you’re not familiar with the best way to incorporate the concept. You can start by using accessories such as a silver tray for the coffee table or a bronze vase. You can easily to move these pieces around until you can find the perfect balance in the room. As you’re getting more comfortable with the concept, you can move on to bigger projects like installing a brass lighting fixture, or a copper-tiled kitchen backsplash.

Remember the Color Scheme

The color scheme is the most important thing to remember about designing your space. Colors on the warm end of the spectrum, like red, orange, yellow and brown, go with with warm metals like copper, brass and gold. Cooler colors, like green, blue and purple, go with silver, chrome and steel.

If your space is already decorated with warmer colors, then you should incorporate warmer metals. The same goes for rooms decorated in cooler colors, then cooler metals should be used. Neutral-colored rooms are where you can have fun — you can mix and match all the metals you’d like!

You CAN Mix Metals

Forget about everything you’ve been hearing about sticking to one metal — you can mix them if you do it right! Make sure you:

  • Have a neutral environment. White, beige and black allows you to have more creative freedom with color.
  • Pick a dominant metal, then use the other metals as accents. Do you like gold? Consider a coffee table with a gold finish, gold lamps and gold pillows, but accent the room with silver candle holders and picture frames.
  • Use different finishes — like matte, polished and hammered — to tie everything together.