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Everyone seems to have expectations about what a master bedroom should contain. However, when space is limited, it’s important to shift the focus from expectations to potential. With some creativity, even a small master bedroom can meet individual needs and still look stylish.

Draw Eyes Upward

When horizontal space is limited, add the impression of vertical height. The addition of shiplap, patterned wallpaper or vertical stripes can make the ceilings appear higher. Vertical shelving works even better because it also adds functionality.

Creative Storage Solutions

When space is at a premium, clutter can make a space look smaller. Creative storage solutions that make the most of available space are in order. Options that seamlessly blend with a design plan, such as headboard bookcases and under-bed storage, make the ideal combination of style and function. For daily clutter, use coordinating baskets or drawers.

Light Colors

Since dark colors can make a room feel like the walls are closer together, stick with lighter paint colors to create the illusion of more space. Neutral shades or white paints work best. Reserve bolder colors for accessories, or use them on an accent wall only.

Size and Scale

The placement and style of furniture play a large role in room design. While pieces of the same size take up the same amount of floor area, the type of design impacts the feeling of the room. Thinner furnishings with slim, defined legs create the illusion that they take up less space.

The Right Type of Lighting

Sometimes master bedrooms, especially in older homes, have low ceilings. The correct lighting can create an appearance of more vertical space. Typically, bulbs or lighting fixtures are designed to either direct light towards the floor or the ceiling. To get the most beneficial lighting effect in a small master bedroom, consider adding uplight fixtures, such as wall sconces.

Mirror Placement

Mirrors might be the oldest trick in the design book, but they do work because they fool the eye. To create the illusion of extra height, add a vertical mirror that can double as a useful element when getting dressed. To make a master bedroom look like it has more square footage, place a mirror as far away as possible from the door. Alternatively, position it on the bedroom’s back wall.