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Your fireplace acts as a source of heat and comfort throughout the cooler months of the year, but it can also act as a considerable design focal point for your home throughout the holidays. Whether your fireplace is wood burning, gas, or even just a fake facade, here’s how to take your fireplace to the next level this holiday season.

Add Drama With Height

When looking at your fireplace, don’t just think of what you can place on the mantel, but how you can utilize the entire wall surface above it as well as any nooks or walls to the sides. Snow flocked trees or topiaries, tall candlesticks, and over-sized framed photos can all help achieve this effect.

Utilize Reflection

When looking to add height, consider a large mirror with a frame that matches the theme of your display, such as a thick recycled barn wood for a rustic holiday look, or chunky ornate gold or silver frames for a more elegant display. A mirror will help reflect not only the fire’s glow, but also the twinkling holiday lights and candles throughout your entire room. Break up the glass by hanging a wreath in the center of the mirror for added punch.

Use Light For More Impact

Light brings life and movement to your fireplace display, whether it’s candles or Christmas lights. Consider adding one of an increasing number of short-length novelty lights like Edison bulbs or updated nostalgic lights for a unique, but still warm touch.

Don’t Be Afraid of Color

Unless you’re working towards a monochromatic white, silver, or gold look, color can take your holiday fireplace to the next level. Greenery in the form of garland or trees can help other color pops while styles from rustic to modern can benefit from pops of reds, purples, pinks and blues.

Add Items With Personal Meaning

Don’t sacrifice items that mean something to you for the sake of making your fireplace perfectly match that magazine inspiration photo. The holidays are all about family and making memories, and your fireplace decor should reflect that. Utilize family holiday photos in interesting ways, such as in embellished over-sized frames, or use family keepsakes or special ornaments not only on the tree but around your mantel too.

Remember that if you have a working fireplace, safety is important. Refrain from placing flammable items where they dangle or get too close to the heat source.