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As an interior designer working in today’s market, many homeowners are implementing pieces and concepts from various decades. In the same home, I’ve seen some appliances in colors reminiscent of the 60s, wood panelling that was popular in the 70s, and sleek furniture that’s a reflection of the interior design trends of today.

As with many of today’s trends, designers are sampling from various decades to create something entirely brand new. Are you curious to see what interior design trends were big over the past 60 years? Read below to find out!


This ~ groovy ~ decade brought about paisley and flower patterns, bright colors, and furniture in mod shapes. Mint green or baby pink were often the colors of choice for kitchen appliances like stoves, refrigerators or dishwashers, while wood was often the choice for furnishings. To complete the atmosphere, many homeowners burned incense, turned on lava lamps and used soft lighting to create a relaxed vibe.


The relaxed style and wooden furnishings that were big in the 60s were still very much present in the 70s. In fact, wood was taken one step further with panelling in various colors that often decorated the walls of living rooms and home offices. Brightly colored stoves, dishwashers, refrigerators, and other kitchen appliances were still common in many homes. In addition, microwaves started to become more common, and many of the models were available in the same bright colors seen in the 60s. As for decor, many walls, rugs and couches were designed in colors of warm shades such as brown, mustard yellow and orange. I guess you can say the design world in the 70s was just an extension from the 60s!


This decade embraced clean and preppy styles in pastels and other light colors, which brought about a sense of luxury to many homeowners! Since this was the decade when television started to become such an important mainstay in American homes, many homeowners strived to achieve the luxurious interior design looks they saw in their favorite television shows. Matching was also big in this decade, as many people started to coordinate window dressings to bedding, chairs and even appliances.


The last decade of the century brought about sleek furniture and decor in neutral colors like tan, grey, black and white. Florals were also present in many upholstered pieces, and in fact, some would say floral designs overstayed their welcome in this decade since many homeowners used clashing floral designs in everything from couches to rugs to lampshades.


A new millennium brought about the sense of cleanliness and minimalism in the home. Stainless steel appliances and all-white kitchens with small pops of color were an appropriate reflection of this trend. Homes in this era also had a lighter and airier feel with brighter colors and more natural lighting through bigger windows and skylights. In addition, designers started to move away from the “everything must match” mentality and instead encouraged homeowners to express their individuality.

The 2000s also brought about a new type of room to have in the average American home: an office. Gone are the days of a lovely sitting room to have company, because the advent of the internet meant more people could spend their working hours at home.


In today’s decade, we’re seeing a sampling of decor from years past, but with an added twist. Because technology is such an important factor in our lives, we’re seeing furniture and decor built with tech in mind: tables with hidden outlets, charging stations disguised as statues, and entertainment centers with built-in drawers to hide various wires.

What do you think we’ll be seeing in the future?