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2019 marks a new year with new interior design trends. This year interior design will be bolder, more colorful compared to previous years. Keep reading to find out what interior designs will be popular this year.

Bold Plants 

From a dragon tree to a rubber tree, big bold plants will be a big trend in interior design this year. Not only do these plants add some color to your space, but they are an eye-catching statement. Try styling a plant next to your sofa or in an empty corner.

With this interior design trend, keep in mind that there is some work involved. You will want to make sure that your plant is getting enough sunlight and water in order for it flourish in your home. If you are not interested in keeping up with any maintenance, opt for a fake plant.

Painted Ceilings

For far too long, the fifth wall has been ignored. This year, however, you will see more and more people taking advantage of the ceiling. By painting or wallpapering the ceiling, homeowners will be able to create a “wow moment” in their space.

If you are interested in trying out this trend, try it out in a more intimate space, like the bedroom or formal dining room.

Mission-Style Details 

The issue with modern interior design is that it can come off as cold and clinical. 2019 will bring more warmth through mission-style details like patterned backsplashes, terra cotta colors, and textured walls.

To successfully include this trend into your home, incorporate small mission-style touches into your existing design.

Multi-functional Spaces 

As of recently, more and more people are starting to adopt a minimalistic approach to life. This new perspective will cause a shift in interior design. In 2019, we will start to see more multi-functional spaces.

Multi-functional furniture is no longer limited to small apartments. To incorporate multi-use spaces into your home, try doubling your home office as a guest room. If that is not in your budget, trying incorporating an ottoman that can be used as storage.

Statement  Colors 

This year, we will see the rise of the bold color. Colors like navy, deep red, and burnt orange, will all be signature colors of 2019. While incorporating color into a room is exciting, it is essential to create balance. When using bold colors, make sure to compliment the color with neutrals like white or gray. Your bold colors should be kept to a statement piece or accent in order not to overwhelm a space.