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 The holiday season is a time where many people enjoy baking sweet treats and transforming their home with festive decor. More people host parties and gatherings, making it important to decorate your home to create a beautiful environment that celebrates the season. To add luxurious decor, there are a few important tips to follow in the winter.

Hang Cascading Garland

You can draw attention to your fireplace and allow it to stand out by making it look like it’s dripping with garland. Hang fresh garland on the mantle and mix in different ornaments, candles, and lights to create a classic style that is plenty luxe. Add a decorative mirror behind the garland, which will work as the centerpiece.

Hang Wreaths on the Stairs

You can dress up the stairs in your home and prevent them from looking bare by hanging wreaths on the rail. Consider using natural wreaths that set the scene of a festive environment that adds extra greenery to the room.

Add Metallic Details

Create a winter wonderland in your home with metallic details that include silver candles and gold ribbon on the tree. The metallic details will work within your theme and will also incorporate upscale decor pieces that reflect the light and allow the space to look magical.

Holiday glitter

Light Candles

Candles that are lit in the entryway or living room will create a warm and inviting setting that is cozy to spend time in. Use hurricane vases to hold different sizes of white, red, or green candles to add a warm glow in the room at night and keep the candles contained.

Change the Pillows on the Furniture

Although you may not be able to bring in Christmas furniture during the holiday season, you can transform the pieces that you already own by adding pillow covers to your couch or bed. Use covers on the couch to allow it to match. Plaid patterns and white snowy pillows will create a festive environment that adds extra charm to lounge areas.

Choose a Neutral Color Scheme

Neutral Christmas color schemes are often luxurious with pastel colors that are incorporated into the space to make the home appear chic and modern instead of traditional. Gold, silver, white, powder blue, and soft pink can all be used to ensure that the decor is complimentary and flows well together in each room of the home.