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Wallpaper can liven up any space in your house. Once thought of as an antiquated form of decor, wallpaper has recently resurfaced as a striking and unique home choice. While wallpaper may seem like a larger project than painting, it generally takes less time to complete than a traditional paint job. Additionally, wallpaper is a cleaner technique. You lose the smell and the drying time. That’s a win! If you’re not sure you’re ready to fully embrace wallpaper, check out these tips to help you ease into this trend. Lucky for you, there’s a whole world of stylish options to choose from.

Try an Accent Wall

An accent wall is a great way to test out the look of wallpaper before committing to papering an entire space. Think of this project as you would an accent wall with paint. Go bold! Check out this vibrant design, below.


Vivid Wallpaper in Mint designed by Ferm Living


Small spaces lend themselves well to bold choices. Why not consider wallpapering your guest or first-floor bathroom? The pop of color will surprise any guest that ventures inside!


The Hill-Side floral from C2B


Wallpaper can be a sweet option for decorating your nursery or child’s room. Today’s wallpaper options range from sophisticated to whimsical. Check out this option from Graham Brown that features a soft neutral background embellished by glittering flowers. This wallpaper offers a added transitional factor. Instead of repainting over a pink or blue, this wallpaper could easily transition with the child or with each new function of the space.

Graham & Brown

Cherry Blossom White Mica from Graham & Brown

Dining Room

Dining Rooms have the ability to transform a meal into an experience. Why not choose a gilded, classic taupe to create an elegant atmosphere every time you eat.


Jewel Black / Gold by Julien MacDonald

Or, if you’d like to showcase your dark furniture, opt for a lighter, airy design, like this wallpaper.

Anthropoligie Wallpaper

Felicitous Emblem Wallpaper from Anthropologie

Guest Room

The guest room offers visitors a quiet respite during their stay. The best guest rooms house a comfortable bed, clean linens, a table light, and maybe even a vase of flowers. Why not take the extra step and find an exciting wallpaper to use. You’ll be able to experiment on space that receives less traffic, which means more time for trial and error. A successful end result will yield a memorable experience for your guests. You’ll soon find your room is occupied visitors all the time!


Featherlight Wallpaper // Anthropologie


Wallpaper offers an exciting way to change your decor. It can be especially beneficial for those who rely on minimalistic furniture to liven up a space and provide color and texture. Once a faux-pas, wallpaper now offers an easy and convenient way to outfit any room in your house. Could wallpaper be the next project for your home?