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How exactly does a minimalist go about decorating their space? The goal is surely a feeling of freshness and cleanliness. Studies show that women who live in cluttered environments experience higher concentrations of stress hormones in their bodies. Keeping our home space clean can be quite the challenge when combated by busy living, but here are some minimalist tips that can help lighten the load.

De-clutter your surfaces.

If papers are piled sky high on the counters or dishes are scattered about, it’s time to de-clutter the surfaces of your home! Look at everything taking up space. Is all of that necessary? What’s removable? Get rid of what is wasting space and organize all important items according to priority. Come back to your counters, closets, and spaces around doors every month or so, and repeat the process. Most find they successfully rid themselves of more and more each time. Minimalism is about creativity, so don’t be afraid to experiment with your space to find what is right for you!

Find a neutral base that works for you.

Minimalism is all about that base. It’s what sets the tone for the cool, calm, and organized atmosphere we all love. You want a space that leaves others refreshed and clear-minded. The more earth-based and natural the better. Keep in mind that yellow-undertones tones provide a warmer feel while blue-undertones provide a cooler feel. For those craving color, it is recommended to incorporate more browns, greens, blues, and tans into the environment. Even an earthy burgundy or deep purple will work. Colors of this palette will infuse well with a variety of neutral bases.

Quality is most important.

There is little to work with when decorating the minimalist code. So it is important that quality is always chosen over quantity. Considering every decision is important. Is it essential? Does it have multiple uses? Will it last? Taking time to consider every piece that is going into a room leads to an extremely well thought out atmosphere. Durability is an essential part of the minimalist equation. It is better for the one investing in the product, and better for the environment.