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Hello, winter! With temperatures dropping below freezing, you would probably prefer to stay inside where it’s warm — but it’s easy to get bored! However, you can use this time as an opportunity to get busy by planning your upcoming remodeling projects for the spring. If you start now, you will feel more prepared to tackle these big projects when the time comes.

Start Your Planning on Pinterest

Create boards on Pinterest and start going crazy! Pin any photo that inspires you. Be careful, because it’s easy to go overboard *no pun intended* and have hundreds of pins. This might make it difficult to narrow down what you truly want in your home. Make an effort to revisit your Pinterest board every few days. This will allow time for you to process the ideas you’ve seen and how they can be implemented into your home. If there’s something that will no longer work with your vision or you don’t like the design, delete the photo from your board. Simplicity is key.

To go one step further, make color prints of what you truly love to incorporate into your home and keep in a binder. You can take this with you later to use as a reference guide if you visit a showroom or your local hardware store. Trust me, it’s much easier for both you and the professional to view a larger, hard copy of a photo instead of a small image on your phone!

Clean Out the Clutter

When you want to redesign a room, you will likely want to purchase new decor. But what about the things you already have? Where will they go when you’re no longer using them? If you have a lot of belongings, it can be daunting to go through everything to try to figure out what you can keep and what you have room for.

As you’re going through your belongings, keep these four questions in mind: Should I keep this? Should this go in the trash? Can this be donated? Is this worth selling? As you’re answering these questions, create four piles of what needs to go where. It may be time-consuming to carefully think about each item, but it will be satisfying when you complete the process and know you’re ahead of the game.

Color Code Everything

Are you planning on completing multiple projects in one season? Assign a color to each project. For example, if you plan to remodel your bathroom AND your mudroom, assign anything related to the bathroom to be categorized as blue and anything related to the mudroom as orange. Coordinate your office supplies to match the assigned colors for the rooms you’re remodeling. Keep a blue folder for important paperwork for the bathroom (such as the plumber or the company from whom you’re choosing your tile), a blue binder filled with inspirational ideas (see start your planning on Pinterest above), and blue sticky notes for jotting down reminders about appointments. In addition, if you write everything down in a weekly planner, choose a blue pen for notes related to your bathroom remodel. If you are more tech-savvy use blue tags or boxes instead.

By the end of the chilly winter season, you will be ready to tackle your spring remodeling projects in stride.