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After staying a night in a luxurious hotel, your bedroom at home seems to be a little lackluster. From clutter free space, to fresh laundered sheets, staying a hotel can make you never want to return home. However, it is possible to implement these same design features in your own home. Below you can find the best interior design tips to transform your bedroom at home to a five star hotel room.


Invest In Bed Linens


The main focal point of any bedroom, whether at home or in a hotel, is the bed. That being said, invest in high quality bed linens. To get that luxury feeling, look for soft high quality cotton. Don’t focus on thread count, but rather focus on how the material feels. Too keep your linens look fresh and clean, don’t forget to wash them more frequently to simulate that same fresh feeling you get at a hotel.


Triple Sheeting


Triple Sheeting is a trick that many hotels use. The trick involves layering a thin blanket or even a comforter between two sheets. Triple sheeting is not only easy to do, but is very cost effective.


Choose A Peaceful Color Palette


While bright colors can make a bold statement in a room, a softer subdue color palette can create a more relaxing environment. Most hotel rooms ppt for more neutral tones, with accents of blues, lavenders, or greens. Your color palette should encompass your entire room, from the wall to the decor.


Add Fresh Flowers


Although this trick may require more maintenance, fresh cut flowers can really elevate a rooms energy. Not only do they add a pop of life and color, flowers can leave your room smelling fresh and clean. Select flowers that are both in season and with a mild scent, like peonies, roses, or hyacinth. Stay away from any flowers that have too much pollen such as lilies. 


Final Touches


Finally, don’t forget to add style touches. In a hotel room you will often notice little luxuries, that elevate your experience. From magazines displayed neatly on a desk to nice hangers in the closet, although small, the little details make a difference.


All in all, these tips will help you transform your shabby bedroom into a luxury hotel room that you will never want to leave.